Parenting Children using the 20 Minute Miracle DVD

Let’s face it, it can be hard raising kids. Of course, it’s even more difficult with a disruptive child. Sometimes this challenge rises to the level where help is needed. Dr. Kevin Passer is a Child Psychiatrist who has created an at-home method designed to help parents get their kids to behave better. Much better. Right away. The DVD is called: The 20 Minute Miracle. In just 20 minutes, you can learn Dr. Passer’s ten guidelines for managing behavior problems in kids.

Award Winning DVD

The 20 Minute Behavioral Miracle has won a National Award. The non-profit group: The Parent to Parent Organization awarded Dr. Passer’s DVD their Adding Wisdom Award for the best new product for children in 2006.

What Does the DVD Teach? How does this work?

It is so simple! Dr. Passer’s 20 Minute Miracle consists of ten simple steps that allow you to manage your child’s behavior problems, while avoiding having your buttons pushed. Delivering expert guidance in a clear and focused way, the 20 Minute Miracle DVD provides wonderful assistance for parents. Dr. Passer tells you why his methods work and how to do them. The ten steps are all very easy to understand and are demonstrated on the DVD. Immediately, you will be able to get your kids to behave a lot better with much less effort.

About Dr. Passer

Dr. Passer is a Johns Hopkins trained Child Psychiatrist and has seen over 18,000 kids over his 33-year career helping parents with disruptive children. Dr. Passer uses the same proven approaches on the DVD, that he would if a parent was in his clinic for an appointment for a child with problem behaviors. Dr. Passer presents instructions for parents in only 20 minutes, thus: “The 20 Minute Miracle: 10 Steps toward Improving Your Child’s Behavior.”