The Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinic of South Mississippi: Pain Pill Drug Abuse Treatment

Is it time to consider drug abuse treatment for yourself or someone you care about? Drug addiction help is available from Kevin M. Passer, M.D., and his team. Options including suboxone treatment are available here in Hattiesburg, MS, on an outpatient basis.

Personalized Treatment for Drug Addiction

The Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinic of South Mississippi, in Hattiesburg, MS offers drug abuse treatment options based on the individual’s needs. We offer drug abuse treatment to people, in particular, with opiate addiction. Kevin M. Passer, M.D. and his team work with patients to help them overcome opiate dependence.

Opiate abuse is increasingly problematic in Hattiesburg, MS and elsewhere due to the fact that pain pill addiction can happen very quickly. An accident can quickly translate to opiate dependence before a patient realizes that they’ve become addicted. Whether opiate use is an addiction due to an accident, surgery, or due to recreational drug use that has become an opiate addiction, The Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinic offers psychiatric evaluations as a part of the process in order to help identify the cause of pain pill addiction as well as determine the best way to move forward to help the patient gain freedom from opiate addiction.

Medically Assisted Treatment for Opiate Abuse

Drug abuse addiction treatment, such as suboxone treatment, can be arranged. We can also help with other drug addictions as well as alcohol abuse. Contact us at our Hattiesburg, MS treatment center. Kevin M. Passer, M.D., and his team have an excellent track record of helping patients overcome opiate addiction.