Medical Legal Consultation, Record Reviews and Report Writing

Over the past thirty plus years, Dr. Passer has been involved with various court proceedings and medical legal matters. He has testified in over 50 commitment hearings, in all five states where Dr. Passer has worked in the past. Each case involved inpatient psychiatric patients requiring involuntary admissions to prevent harm to themselves and/or others. The majority of the commitments occurred during the four and one half years when Dr. Passer served as the clinical director for The South Mississippi State Hospital located in Purvis, Mississippi.
Dr. Passer has served as a medical expert witness in approximately ten cases, equally representing both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s sides. Since 2008, Dr. Passer has provided testimony via depositions about seven times.  In 2010 and 2011, Dr. Passer testified at two hearings for a total of thirteen hours, while serving as an expert witness for the Mississippi State Department of Medicaid Services. The case was settled and the State of Mississippi was able to recover over $2,000,000 (two million dollars) from over payments to a private, for profit psychiatric hospital.
In 2015, Dr. Passer represented the plaintiff when he testified at a trial in Florida against Big Tobacco. Dr. Passer’s testified for four hours, representing that nicotine is an addictive substance and explaining to the jury, how the plaintiff became addicted to tobacco which caused her to have throat cancer. Of note is that, defense counsel made a point of apologizing to me for his antagonistic treatment while I was on the witness stand.  Despite being grilled for three hours by the tobacco company’s lawyer, the jury awarded the plaintiff over $8,000,000 (eight million dollars).
Dr. Passer is available to perform medical record reviews, report writing and testimony at depositions and trials. Dr. Passer has served as an expert in the fields of Child & adolescent Psychiatry, General-adult Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.
References from attorneys are available upon request.
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